Training Activities - OPTO-CH June 03-07, 2019


 June 03-07, 2019

 IESL-FORTH, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

 Join us for an exciting journey to Crete to become acquainted with the latest developments on non-invasive optical technologies and explore their field applications in Cultural Heritage research and conservation.



The aim of the OPTO-CH 2019 summer course is in two-folds:

  1. to introduce participants to applications of advanced laser-based technologies in Heritage  Science (HS),
  2. to inform them on the latest developments of the National KRIPIS II project POLITEIA II (Advanced analytical, diagnostic, surveying and documentation technologies in Cultural Heritage, MIS 5002478)  as regards the multidisciplinary research performed at FORTH related to Heritage Science.

Lectures from experts on modern laser diagnostic and analytical techniques, as well as on laser cleaning methodologies will be combined with practical demonstrations and laboratory hands-on sessions. In parallel, experts of FORTH researching on a wide range of heritage disciplines (i.e. Geophysical – Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeo-environment, ArchaeoDNA, Cultural Informatics etc.) will present their work within the interdisciplinary concept of POLITEIA II.

The OPTO-CH 2019 summer course will conclude with field experiments on-site at a selected monument in Crete in order to demonstrate the applicability of the techniques in practice.



Application deadline: April 14, 2019 

Notice of acceptance: April 15, 2019

OPTO-CH 2019 POLITEIA II summer course: June 03-07, 2019



The lectures will introduce participants to the cultural background and conservation environment of the Eastern Mediterranean, and Crete in particular, and to the general concepts and principles of operation of each laser-based technique with emphasis on their analytical and diagnostic potential and applications. Selected examples and case studies will be thoroughly analysed to illustrate how optical technologies can be used in CH research and conservation.

The OPTO-CH 2019 summer course will conclude with a field tests and experiments on-site at a selected monument in Crete in order to demonstrate the applicability of the techniques in practice.



  • Materials analysis with Optical Spectroscopy (LIBS, Raman, Diffuse Reflectance)
  • Optical coherence metrology for structural diagnosis
  • Imaging and mapping; multispectral, photoacoustic and THz
  • Laser cleaning principles and methodologies


  • The POLITEIA II project concept and vision
  • Digital documentation of ArchaeoLandscapes
  • Analytical methods for ArchaeoBioMaterials
  • The DIAGNOSIS and POLYGNOSIS platform and Knowledge Base
  • Novel techniques for the study of climatic change on monuments


Soon to be announced.


A field trip to a selected monument in Crete is also scheduled. The exact place and monument will be announced soon.


Maximum number of participants: 20

The OPTO-CH 2019 concept relies on a) strong and effective interaction between participants and instructors and b) detailed practical demonstration and hands-on sessions. Therefore participants will be organized in four (4) groups of five (5).

Participants are invited to present case studies they are involved in and discuss challenges that might be addressed by optical diagnostic techniques.

Successful applicant will be selected on the basis of their merit and background.



The course fee is covered by the National Programme KRIPIS, research project POLITEIA II (MIS 5002478). Travel, accommodation or subsistence expenses should be covered by the participants.





In the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679 / EU), known as “GDPR”, which came into force on 25 May 2018, we would like to inform you that the “OPTO-CH 2019 meets POLITEIA II”, which will take place in Heraklion, Crete from 03 to 07 June 2019 will be video recorded while, in the context of the event, photos will be taken. The video and the photos will be used by the organizers to promote the “OPTO-CH 2019 meets POLITEIA II” to the media (e.g. press releases in newspapers, magazines and other media, including websites, social media, etc). These publicity actions aim to inform the public or/and the scientific community on the event itself and to broadly disseminate its scientific results.
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Important Dates

  • Fall 2019 check out for the announcement and further info on the OPTO-CH 2020 summer course...